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Update Your Home For A Quicker Sale In The Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market

April 20th, 2022

With thousands of homes for sale in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky, home buyers have their pick of the most updated houses and condos. What does that mean? It means home buyers can be choosy in selecting only the most updated properties, where all the renovating has been done for them, therefore they can simply bring in their furniture. The positive news for home sellers is that many times updating can be done with little money, and will many times reward the seller with a much higher number for the sales price than if the seller had not updated the house to today’s trends. When a purchaser sees a property as-is with no updates, they most often say “It needs too much work” and will offer a low price. Most often they will look at the house and then buy another house. They will choose a different house that looks a little newer. The house will be for sale longer because home buyers will instead select homes that have already been re-done. The more days a house sits, the less likely it is to sell for asking price. Houses sell quicker and for higher prices if they are move-in-ready and staged correctly from the beginning.

For a home to go for for the highest possible price in this real estate market, the home seller should spend the time to update the house with this year’s most popular trends of neutral colors, and the latest style of bathroom faucets and handles, and the most up to date light fixtures in all rooms, especially the entry hall, kitchen and bathrooms, new carpet in a light color. Even if the home is just eight years old, like some of the newer subdivisions in Hebron Ky and Clarksville IN, trends change so frequently that you really should take a ride to the closest Lowes and ask what is the trendiest style that people are buying today.

Here are some more tips for older homes, such as the grand older homes of New Albany Indiana and Fort Mitchell Kentucky. On the outside a home seller should repaint the trim on the street side of the property and plant colorful landscaping to catch the attention of a home browser passing by. It is also a good idea to have the HVAC cleaned and serviced.

It doesn’t matter if you have an older house in Fort Thomas Ky or a new house in New Albany IN, experts suggest calling a staging expert to decide where the furniture should go, and which items to box up and which items remain for showings. Rooms appear larger with less pictures on the walls, and rooms look more spacious when there is less furniture on the floor. Houses show better with the blinds open to let in more light. If possible, open the blinds to let in sunlight before each showing and have light classical music playing. If time permits, try to have the house smelling like baked goods such as banana bread.

Taking the time to do this will pay off. In Southern Indiana only around 8.5% of the over 2000 houses for sale will sell each month. The other homes will still be for sale the next month. To make sure your house is one of the ones chosen, call a professional about updates and staging. The same advice applies to Northern Kentucky where only around 10% of the over 3000 homes for sale will sell in an average month. The average price of a house for sale in the Kenton County- Boone County-Campbell County area of Northern Kentucky was approximately $200,000 at the end of 2011. The price varies by individual neighborhoods and areas such as the Triple Crown neighborhood or the Park Hills area. In conclusion, it is essential to stand out in the crowd of homes for sale in the Florence Ky real estate market, and houses for sale New Albany IN. The best way to sell faster is to do some inexpensive updates that your real estate agent recommends and talk to a staging expert.